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Top 3 running cryptocurrencies to invest your money in 2019

If you have done some research on what cryptocurrency is, that means by now you must be already planning on investing in Bitcoin or altcoins. The rates of cryptocurrencies change every day, so there is no way to say for sure that profit is guaranteed. But, considering that the next generation will be adapting the crypto exchange sooner or later, this might be the right time to know about the best rates available. Here is a list of the most successful cryptocurrencies available in the market. Be careful about choosing because the companies promising huge profits might not be trusted by many, and the price may drop soon. Best way to know is to study the charts for at least a month before you can decide to invest in a stable cryptocurrency.


The first ever and the most successful cryptocurrency available today is Bitcoin. At present, it holds a 40% share of the entire cryptocurrency market cap. It continued to grow and dominated its competitors and still might be a good idea to invest in it if you are planning a huge investment. After the split of Bitcoin into two – Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash the rates have declined to almost half which caused the investor to lose a huge fortune, but if you are familiar with the stock market business you must know that there is always some risk involved. Bitcoin is available at around 11,000 dollars today with a market cap of 206 billion dollars.

Ethereum (ETH)


Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. The market cap rose to a remarkable 128 billion dollars in 2018. Although after that it has declined to 31 billion dollars today. But the market is still young for ETH, and it costs only 300 dollars to invest in it. There is no other currency close to ETH, which is offering such high profits. It is the only currency with the biggest market cap after Bitcoin. If you need a quick investment to expect greater results, this is the currency for which you need to go. Ethereum also offers users to use its platform to create the cryptocurrency.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is the best performing coin in the past two years after ETH. With investment cost as low as 0.5 dollars, it is the most affordable and profitable coin in the market right now. The market cap for XRP has reached 17 billion dollars, with more investors coming in every day. However, the stability of this coin is not as promising as Ethereum. Invest at your own risk where the risk is just as minimum as one dollar.

Litecoin (LTC)

The youngest coin in the market with a great performance history, Litecoin has grown to almost 8000% from its launch. The price of Litecoin has grown from around 4 dollars in the beginning to 116 dollars today with a market cap of 7 billion dollars. It will be unfair to give credit to Litecoin for keeping up with the best cryptocurrencies that are available today. If you are thinking of putting your money on Litecoin, your decision has greater chances of being the right one.

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